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Hello World 👋 from CoralTech Advisors

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

CoralTech Advisors, IT Recruitment, IT Sourcing and IT Consulting

We are live…

This our our first blog post and we wanted to say something special.

That’s it folks, this is a concretisation of a long time dream for which we’ve worked hard so long to make it happen.

Today’s post will be about who we are and where we come from to bring CoralTech Advisors to the world and demonstrate our vision.

CoralTech Advisors was born from the idea that so much talents out there is wasted when not put in an appropriate environment, with consequences for candidates not finding the right opportunities that will make them happy and recruiters not being able to find the right person to fulfil their job openings.

We are professionals with multiple years of experience in IT project management helping deliver digital solutions and transformation to our customers across multiple countries. We’ve worked remotely already before the pandemic, but we can all agree today that this has definitely helped open the world to new ways of working together, and have brought new perspectives for candidates all around the world by bringing more freedom and a new shift of work life balance overall. That’s why we decided to be fully Remote 🌍, and be true advocates of this way of work/life!

CoralTech Advisors

A new era has started, CoralTech Advisors wants to help Startups, Scale-ups and candidates meet each other. How? well, in our vision we put our Ecosystem at the heart of it. This Ecosystem is made from individuals all around the world who shares our values, together we connect, grow, learn and achieve success. Even more than that, we are who we are because we truly do understand your needs and challenges. Our mission is to bring people together.

We are incredibly happy to announce our launch 🚀 and can’t wait to shape the future of tech consulting together, feel free to subscribe below to our Newsletter to stay tuned on upcoming blog post, where we share insights about tech, remote woking and IT in general.


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